Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Unhappily distracted on her walk home – her immigrant mother’s fatty cooking, her growing body, her less-than-ideal only friend, her unrequited love for the school jock, her disdain for that other Russian immigrant with whom she has absolutely nothing in common, no FOB is she! – Anya falls down a well. Literally. The well might be dried up but it’s certainly not deserted … as a girl’s ghost, lonely for 90 years, appears …

When Anya is rescued, she hopes she’s left the apparition – no matter how initially friendly! – far, far behind. But three days later, Anya knows she’s not just seeing things … because the ghost is suddenly following Anya around. At first, she’s rather helpful, with tests, homework, even boys! But Anya knows something is not quite right … and maybe this other-world friend isn’t exactly on her side.

Before Anya loses her own life – as troubled as she once thought it was, she’s gonna find out soon enough how good she has it! – she’s got some careful sleuthing to do, including depending on some Luddite equipment to get to the truth. Librarians are sooooo going to love the retro-tools! Yes, today’s techno-young ‘uns can get a glimpse life before Google!

Animation artist Vera Brosgol, herself Russian-born, makes an impressive graphic novel debut with this twisted immigration ghost story … not to mention it’s so freshly entertaining, it just might spark the birth of a spooky fun new series, oh please!

Readers: Middle Grade, Young Adult

Published: 2011


Filed under ..Middle Grade Readers, ..Young Adult Readers, .Fiction, .Graphic Novel/Manga/Manwha, Russian American

3 responses to “Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

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  3. zainal

    Hi, nice info here.
    do u like reading novel?
    I think this book very interesting, but It’s very spooky for me.
    I like reading sherlock holmes’s novel, and it’s my favourite one :)
    anyway, do u believe ghost?
    Some people believe it, some people not.
    How about u :-)

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